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Port to Port Shipment

Port to Port Shipment” defines a type of shipment, which commences at the Port of Loading and ends at the Port of Discharge.
Port to Port shipment or Port to Port delivery is the basic form of sea freight transportation, which is used by carriers for hundreds of years.
Bill of lading is the generic name of the transport document, commonly used in Port to Port shipments. It is also known as port to port bill of lading, marine bill of lading or ocean bill of lading.
Thanks to the technological improvements in logistics sector and standardization achieved by containerization, now carriers, actual or contractual, can offer more flexible transport options to their clients.

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Door to Door Shipment

Door to Door Shipment
Door to Door Shipment, covers the ultimate transportation between exporter's factory to importer's warehouse. It should be carried out by a single carrier under one transport document, which is usually a multimodal bill of lading.

If more than one carrier is responsible for the transportation or more than one type of transport document has been issued, then the transportation can not be specified as a Door to Door shipment.

For various reasons, it is not suitable to use either port to port or door to door shipments. In these instances "Door to Port" or "Port to Door" deliveries can be used.