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Soorchi Tarabar International Transport Company, more than 30 years old, has started its activities in line with the government's macro-policies of transferring a large part of its activities to the private sector in the field of international transport. The company has performed very brilliantly in the carrier-forward structure and with its experienced and skilled experts in the field of land (road), sea (container-bulk), air, rail and transit cargo transportation. Soorchi Tarabar International Transport Company with membership in the Chamber of Commerce, membership in the Iran-Tehran Trade Union, membership in IATA, membership in the Association of International Transport Companies, having special guarantees in the Chamber of Commerce and Mines - Customs and also As a terminal shareholder, the country's terminal organization is ready to provide optimal services to its customers.
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Contact Us

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  Email: info@soorchitarabar.com

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